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The Encore Entrepreneur courses are designed to provide a road-map to starting your business, especially for the over 50 seeking a new career as an entrepreneur.

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"For over 15 years, as a university professor and as an entrepreneur, I have helped nascent entrepreneurs, like you, learn how to move from business idea to business reality. I offer you a step-by-step guide to help you plan, develop and launch a business."


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Silver Founder Academy, Inc. is a Delaware corporation whose purpose is to provide education, resources, and support to individuals over the age of 50 who want to start a business. The Encore Entrepreneur is a product of Silver Founder Academy, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can entrepreneurship be taught?
Over many decades, research on psychology and business has shown a direct correlation between one’s personality characteristics and entrepreneurial outcomes. Our basic personality characteristics are stable over time, and therefore we can predict individual traits that are underlying in entrepreneurial people. Can entrepreneurship be taught? A resounding yes comes from successful entrepreneurs. In fact, many of those entrepreneurs have taken on as their life goals teaching business development. I have taken their experience and teachings, and over 15 years of teaching entrepreneurship refined the process that I offer to you now.
What if I don’t have an idea for a business?
We can help you. We have exercises you will do in order to identify potential ideas. We also help you determine whether your idea is a viable one for making money (since that is what you ultimately need to remain in business.)
Do I need a business plan? Will I learn how to write one?
There are many reasons for a business plan and just as many for not writing a business plan. What everyone needs however is a business model. This is your plan for your business on how you will provide value to your customers, how you plan to make money and how you will build a sustainable business. We will use the planning document for building a business model as the road map in starting your business.
When does the live Encore Entrepreneur course begin?
Encore Entrepreneur begins
How is the course delivered?
You will log into the Silver Founder Academy course here, where you will access all of the materials, videos and reading material.
Why a Facebook Group?
This is where we will have our group discussions beyond what participation you have in the class setting. Here we will share and delve into further questions and discussions. Entrepreneurship is not a solo career, the entrepreneurs need an ecosystem of support.
What if I want to begin now?
Great! Modules, readings, videos and other resources are available while you wait for the live course to begin. You can access those resources once you have signed up.

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